Broadcastur 45NEW

Bonding 4G Modems (4x), WiFi and LAN

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Broadcastur 45

Stream live on the Internet from any location!

Transmit live video from any location and get live on YouTube or other streaming platforms! With the Broadcastur 7 you have a live video connection regardless of your location using bonded Fixed, WiFi, 3G and 4G mobile network connections. Bonding of multiple mobile networks ensures more bandwidth and that your event will be live streamed on the Internet.

Broadcastur utilizes adaptive video encoding technology to insure a live video stream independent of the available upstream bandwidth at the location the video production takes place. with the YouTube integration you utilize the adaptive streaming capabilities and advertisement network to monetize your event. The shared revenues formula of Youtube makes it possible to start your own paid WEB channel and become the next Twitch.


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