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Webstreamur has applications for MacBook, iPhone and Android. Simply install the app and login to the Webstreamur platform. You can either use the onboard camera of your device or connect an external camera such as a GoPro. Click on the Live button and the live stream will start automatically using the available connections on your device.


Webstreamur offers high quality low cost hardware appliances in a ruggedized, aluminium casing. The Broadcastur devices use a combination of IP connections such Wifi, Ethernet and 3G/4G to stream live video directly to YouTube. Contact our sales department for detailed pricing and options.

How it works

The Broadcastur will transfer the video adaptive over mobile networks via our global streamur server to any CDN

Our current products

Broadcastur 7

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Broadcastur 6

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Broadcastur 45

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The workflow

Step 1.


Getting started with Webstreamur is as easy as counting 1 - 2 - 3. Switch on your Webstreamur device and use all the different connections available to live stream your video.

Step 3.


Your live feed will be published on a commercial CDN such as YouTube and when the live feed has ended, the full video becomes available as a video on demand. You can use this content on your website or any other social platform.

Step 2.


You can either use a variety of videocamera's, like GoPro, or the onboard camera of your device when you use the app. We automatically find the most efficient way to stream your live feed over the combination of connections you have selected. The more connections you use, the more stable and reliable the live stream will be.

Step 4.


Use the Webstreamur platform to publish your live video feeds and make money with your feeds through the commercials that are shown before and after your live feed and recordings

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